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Drug Abuse in Houston Over the Last Decade Houston is classified by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as a HIDTA, which stands for High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. According to the DEA, any geographical area that is classified as a HIDTA must qualify for the following reasons:1 The area must be a significant center of illegal drug production, manufacturing, importation, or distribution. The area’s law enforcement have committed teams and resources to respond to drug trafficking issues. The area suffers from a significant harmful impact due to local drug-related activities A significantly increased amount of federal resources is necessary to properly address Vicodin the drug-related issues in the area. Houston meets the above criteria and is, therefore, an area of concern in terms of drug-related activities. Drug traffickers from Mexico often enter the U.S. through the southern border of Texas or through ports in the Gulf of Texas and many of those drugs remain in the Houston area. Over the past ten years or so, research reports and statistics have painted a bleak picture of the drug abuse trends in Texas and Houston, revealing the prevalence of several dangerous addictive substances in the Houston area. Here are some of the most commonly abused illegal drugs in the Houston area. Back in 2010, prescription drug abuse was on the rise across Texas, and Houston was a hotspot for accidental fatal overdoses involving prescription drugs. It was common for young people to party with prescription drugs like Xanax and Vicodin, and mix them with alcohol or other drugs.2 In 2011, a HIDTA Threat Assessment report identified marijuana, cocaine, and prescription drug abuse as the biggest concerns in the Houston area.3 The abuse of P2P (peer-to-peer) heroin and methamphetamine from Mexico increased in 2013 and 2014. There were 356 calls to the Texas Poison Center Network involving exposure to methamphetamine in 2013, compared to just 180 in 2010.4 In 2015, the Houston and Dallas DEA divisions ranked methamphetamine among the top two drug threats in their areas. This was coupled with increasing rates of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, due to an increase in risky sexual activity or unprotected sex among young men with male partners. These behaviors are associated with meth abuse.5 In 2016, dangerous drug combinations like the “Houston Cocktail” (a blend of Vicodin, Soma, and Xanax) contributed to the deaths of hundreds of people in Harris County. Additionally, commonly abused drugs like painkillers and Kush took a backseat to cocaine, which alone, contributed to 205 deaths in Harris County in 2016.6 Last year, in 2017, synthetic marijuana (K2/Spice), methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin all topped the list of major drug problems in the Houston area, but the number one threat in Harris County was cocaine.7 Drug abuse trends in Houston are continually changing but one thing remains the same: although the Houston drug problem is not likely to go away anytime soon, Houston residents can get addiction help at an intensive long-term drug and alcohol rehab program like Nova. Most Popular Illegal Drugs in Houston in 2017 Most people are aware of the ongoing opioid crisis in America, but According to Dr. Jane Maxwell, leading research professor at the University of Texas, opioids are not the biggest drug problem Texas faces. Dr. Maxwell has been studying drugs and drug use trends in Texas for more than 40 years and according to her research, 31 percent of all Harris County arrests involving drugs involved cannabis and 25 percent involved methamphetamine. Arrests involving heroin were number seven on the list. To accurately determine the most dangerous drugs in Houston and Texas, Dr. Maxwell takes into account four different factors: The number of poison control center calls To accurately determine the most dangerous drugs in Houston and Texas, Dr. Maxwell takes into account the number of poison control center calls, treatment admissions, arrests, and deaths. In considering the above factors, she determined methamphetamine and heroin to be the most dangerous substances in Texas. The data cited by Dr.

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ativan how long in system